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the runaways

April 21, 2010

Last Tuesday, I ditched my responsibilities as a full-time student and went to the movies on a school night.  I’m so wild, right?

Well, not compared to these girls.  My roommates and I went to see The Runaways, and I left the theater ready to put on my vegan leather jacket and copious amounts of eyeliner and give the middle finger to the world.

(Don’t worry; I did nothing of the sort.  We actually went home, decorated cupcakes, and I hung out with a certain boy of the moment.)

The movie itself was great.  I had been skeptical about the mulleted Kristen Stewart (I am NOT a Twilight fan) and an all-grown-up Dakota Fanning, but the whole cast blew me away with their acting, performing, and singing ability.  As the first popular all-girl rock band, they had a lot of obstacles to conquer in their ridiculously awesome wedge sandals, and they took the beer-can throwers and sexist hecklers in stride.  At the ripe age of 15, they had drug issues, crazy sexual experiences, and wardrobes that would make a Playboy bunny blush.  Mixed with a killer soundtrack and some really intense cinematography, the movie came out to be one I would pay money to go see again – and I NEVER go see movies more than once in theaters.  I may make my next viewing a matinée, but really, if you appreciate good music, girl power, and a good coming-of-age tale, I recommend seeing this.

The Actual Runaways

and the cast

I’ve also been thinking a lot about this period of history recently.  1975 was a big year in this country – free love reigned, Vietnam raged, and microwaves were being introduced to households at an alarming rate.  I think this is because of a number of factors: my 20th century US history class, my engineering project where I am documenting basically anything appliance related for the last 100 years, and the realization that I am now where my parents were around this time.  Sometimes I have these realizations that just blow my mind – could you imagine having children soon?  living in a world where you could get sent off to war at a moments notice?  feathered hair? no internet? jumpsuits? (but those are coming back…)

Do you have a period of time that just intrigues you?  And seen any good movies lately?

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  1. April 21, 2010 9:03 pm

    I was lucky enough to have a friend who’s a film major take me to a screening of this in February, and Joan Jett was actually there to talk about her experiences afterwards. Crazy stuff….she seems like a fascinating person though, really down to earth. I was really surprised by Kristen Stewart too….I’ll be blunt, I think she absolutely sucks in Twilight.

    I love the fifties. For some reason, that whole era of suburbia and conformity really appeals to me….it’s like everyone temporarily forgot about the bad and was optimistic again, even if they did all turn into sheep. There’s something to be said about being blissfully oblivious.

  2. April 22, 2010 8:34 am

    I was doubtful of this movie, but it actually looks pretty good.

    As for eras…I’m interested in them all, mostly anything before the 60s. I think right now the Great Depression (site specific in New York City) is what I find most intriguing, just because so much of what is there today culturally owes itself to that brief span of time. Also the Victorian era, with all its scary-creepy repression and psychopathology, is awesome.

  3. April 22, 2010 2:24 pm

    I loved the movie too! The fashion, the makeup… I saw it over a month ago, but I screamed the words to “Cherry Bomb” at the top of my lungs during my shower this morning.

  4. April 23, 2010 1:19 am

    Dakota Fanning looks so grown up!!!!

    And wow. So clearly I need to put this movie on my “must-see asap” list, right?? :)

    Excited to hear more about this…boy, and loving the sound of baking cupcakes with friends! I hope you’re enjoying the last few weeks of school!! Will def try to read & respond to yo’ message sometime tomorrow :)


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