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obsession: tumblr

July 1, 2010

While I love WordPress and I really like posting here at Spectacles, I am also really in love with tumblr.  It’s so easy to post images, links, quotes, or anything, really, to your feed.  I think of it more as a log of everything I love and find beautiful.

tumblr is also constantly rolling out clever and attractive features.  I recently figured out the Archives feature, and it presented me with this spread of my own posts from the month of June.  I was pretty darn impressed with my selection.

There is plenty more from me over at my tumblr: chic or geek.

Do you tumble?  Post a link, and I’ll more than likely end up following you!

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  1. July 1, 2010 12:45 pm

    I must admit, I’ve never even really known what tumblr is or how it works, but those pictures on your page are gorgeous. I especially love the Sperry topsiders one!

  2. July 1, 2010 1:00 pm

    that’s actually one I took! if you want to see more of my photography, check out my flickr feed. there’s a link on the right side bar!

  3. July 1, 2010 9:02 pm

    very very cool! but I don’t need one more distraction! :(

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