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reading Vogue for credit

November 16, 2010

for a class project, I had to go to through the stacks in the library and compile some magazines from 50 years ago and then discuss how they have changed/not changed in their current issues.

for a magazine addict like me, this was the perfect excuse to spend a rainy morning cuddled up with glamorous issues of Vogue from the 1950s.

I loved looking through the old editorials – Grace Kelly, camel coats, and glamorous makeup permeate every page.

I was not too thrilled when I read the diet article about a liquid diet that required women to subsist on 800 calories a day.  um, WHAT?  that’s breakfast for me.  how were women supposed to fight for equal rights when their heads were foggy with starvation?

but really, if flipping through old glossies is your idea of a good time (and really, it should be), then I recommend seeing what your library has in its archives.  I’m all ready to ditch my leggings and start wandering around in pearls and knee-length wool skirts.  well, not quite, but I’m definitely feeling inspired.


what inspires you from the past?

some of my favorite fashion icons are long gone – Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,

Francoise Hardy, Bridget Bardot, Jackie O…

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  1. Katherine Henderson permalink
    November 16, 2010 4:55 pm

    Vogue from the 1950’s…. ahh the fabulousness never ends! As for the liquid diet trend? I agree, it sounds excruciating. Glad that’s not in fashion anymore!

  2. November 17, 2010 8:26 am

    Grace Kelly, for sure. Her family owned a beach house literally the next block over from my grandparents’, and they said they used to see them on the beach all the time. So cool. I love that era- manners were better, life was more personal, and clothes were awesome without being skanky.

    It’s funny to talk about people from my grandparents’ generation about diets. Back then, it was just something you did a few days when you felt your clothes getting tighter. Even though 800 cals isn’t healthy at all, I don’t think women obsessed nearly as much about getting to a perfect weight or eating diet foods. Both my grandmothers maintained their “figures” while cooking regular foods for their families and just eating sensible portions!

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