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April 14, 2011

I had read about Jewelmint all over the internet and in magazines.  a jewelry line created by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter (a stylist), it’s full of original and stunning pieces.  I am constantly on the hunt for unique and interesting pieces to spice up some of my more simple wardrobe pieces, and after a careful perusal, I selected the lunar blue necklace as my initial purchase.  I had a 50% off code, so it only cost me $15 with free shipping.

I can’t wait to wear it.  it’s a very substantial piece of jewelry.  I don’t think it’ll be as prone to breakage as some of my Forever 21 purchases (cheap in every sense of the word) and it really makes a statement.  paired with a plain white tee and black skirt or a heathered grey tank and jeans, I think it’s perfect for spring/summer 2011.

(if you’re at all interested, please use this link!  and I am doing this totally free of sponsorship.  I just really like this line and want to share the love.)

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