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anatomy of Danish street style: early fall 2011

September 17, 2011

now that I’ve been living in Copenhagen for nearly 4 weeks, I think I’ve gotten the hang of Danish street style.  people here look put together 99.9% of the time.  the look here is current, easy, but pretty safe.  you can find any trend you want to in the stores here, and it is pretty obvious that the Danes shop a lot and don’t wear anything dated.  people are dressed quite smartly, even at the gym.  while I throw on a Hanes v neck and my nike running shorts, the locals are clad totally in sleek black, showing off their tall & toned physiques (seriously, everyone here is super fit and at least 5′ 9″, even the women).

so now I’ll break it down for you.  here’s what most women and girls wear here, head to toe:


the topknot – it is extremely windy here and rain could come pouring down at any minute.  females of all ages just wind their long blond locks into an easy topknot.  it’s weatherproof and looks infinitely more chic than the typical messy bun of an American co-ed.

a braid, any braid – I’m sure people here were doing fishtails and long side braids long before Alexander Wang made it a key part of an it-girl’s look.  does anything scream Scandinavia more than a blond braid wrapped around the hairline?

ray bans – I have a feeling that people here are brand snobs.  if a girl is wearing aviators or wayfareres, then they are definitely Ray Bans.


scarves – people here love their scarves, and I am so happy to join the masses of people totally obsessed with their knitwear.  I am a really cold person, and I’ve always wrapped myself up in whatever my favorite scarf was at that moment, but my college dorm-mates from New Jersey could never understand why I insisted on wearing them all of the time.  they’re warm and chic, and everyone here wears them 24/7.


anorak – absolutely everyone and their Grandma here owns a soft olive anorak jacket.  I have one from the Gap, which they don’t have here, and it’s nice to know that I look slightly different from everyone else on the street.

leather jacket – it’s easy and conveys such an utter level of cool, so of course they wear it to death here.

the trench coat – nothing says polished and together like a trench coat.  I’ve seen 4 year old girls riding scooters in trench coats from Zara.  it’s like being so effortlessly fabulous is in their blood.

slouchy knits – a big cozy sweater or tee is de rigueur.  it looks warm and you can easily layer several tank tops underneath for optimal temperature retention.  plus, you don’t have to iron it and it looks great if you grab it from a pile on your floor.  it’s usually grey, but it can also be pale pink, green, navy, or black (my favorite colors).  if you really want to be on-trend, pick a top that has leather elbow patches.


black pants/leggings/tights – you can wear any cut you’d like (harem pants seem to be especially popular), but they’d better be very dark.  this works perfectly for me, since I live in my black opaque tights.


converse – everyone here wears Converse (but only in neutral colors, of course).  they’re cute and are great for canvassing the streets with their dangerous cobblestones.  notice that no one here wears stilettos. at least no one who wants to keep their ankles intact, that is.

ankle boots – either in black, grey, or brown.  I think this follows the practical but chic footwear standard.

and there you have it!  through my eyes, this is how young Danish women are dressing right now.  I will admit that I’ve been wearing my slouchy sweaters and black skinny jeans more here that I did at home.  I guess the Danes are rubbing off on me.

all images here are pictures that I’ve reblogged on my Tumblr.  not one of them is my own.

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  1. September 17, 2011 8:56 am

    loved this! you have a good eye for noticing all of this. i’m weird… when i am around the city it’s hard for me to actually notice people. like what they’re wearing, hairstyles etc.

    my favorites: top knot, scarves, tights, converse. actually i wore all four of those yesterday on the first real brisk-feeling day of the month & felt pretty stylish ;P ! hehee.

    have a good weekend Anna!

  2. September 25, 2011 5:57 am

    It’s so true. I live in Copenhagen, and am usually spotted with topknot, scarf, ankle boots and a military coat. so funny.

  3. laurc permalink
    October 1, 2011 2:35 pm

    just lived in copenhagen for a year- so spot on! miss it terribly :(

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