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a belated list of thanks

November 27, 2011

I know that Thanksgiving in America has come and gone, but I was wandering the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania with my family on November 24th and didn’t get the chance to share my own list of thanks.

while we didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving meal in any sense of the word (my brother ate pheasant, my mom and sister had salmon salad, and I had traditional dumplings & curd), my mom made sure to bring little chocolate turkeys from Lake Champlain Chocolates, straight from Vermont.  it was nice to have a little sense of familiarity in a very strange land.

so, right now I am thankful for…

  • family that missed me so much that they flew across the Atlantic to spend a whole week with me in Denmark.
  • the opportunities I’ve been given this semester.  I’ve traveled all over Europe, seen and eaten some wonderful things, and met incredible people.
  • hard cider and hot spiced wine.  Europeans make the most delicious beverages.
  • comfortable & cute shoes, because when you walk around on cobblestones all day you cannot have blisters or sore arches.
  • things I can afford.  these basically don’t exist in Denmark.  I am broke, broke, broke.
  • Christmas decorations that have already been up for almost a month here.  the Danes understand that it’s never too early for a little holiday cheer.
  • online Black Friday so I can remotely get the deals.
  • being in a safe & warm place.  there are a lot of scary places out there.
for what are you thankful this year?
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