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british glamour

November 27, 2011

here in Europe, I’ve become mildly obsessed with British fashion magazines.  they’re always the cheapest option in airport shops, and they also offer a fresh perspective on style and what it means when you get dressed every morning.

while I was flipping through an issue of British Glamour, I noticed something.  the advice they were offering to readers was somehow different than the message of American Glamour.  it wasn’t about showing as much cleavage as possible.  there were no nasty/hilarious sex tips.  the shoes looked walkable, and not something you’d need to hold in your hands while you walked home from a club barefoot.  the outfits weren’t tacky but they were still more affordable than what is featured in British Vogue.  British Glamour was more realistic, and suddenly I felt like they were telling me to dress for me and the person that I wanted to present to the world.  it wasn’t about creating this illusion of what I though a stereotypical boy would like me to be.  they had replaced the American ideal of sexy with chic.

my scan — click for larger image

plus, they had a feature on Carven.  when was the last time American Glamour even mentioned Carven?    I love the quote from the designer about the kind of women who wear his designs:

With her face and body, she could be the nastiest girl ever.  But she’s so not.  This is the kind of girl that women can be inspired by, and who boys want to flirt with.  That’s cute.

the rest of the magazine continued with this theme.  British style is the perfect mix of quirky, classic, and cool, but it’s also something you can wear around your parents, teacher, grandparents, and crush. you should never dress yourself in something that could potentially embarrass you, right?  who ever wants to be inappropriate?

my scan — click for larger image

I think the Brits are on to something.  British fashion icons have gained worldwide recognition in the last few years — Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Emma Watson — and they really have their own unique sense of style.  they can look cool, sexy, playful, hungover, whatever, and it’s so obvious that they are dressing for themselves.

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  1. November 27, 2011 7:59 am

    I’ve noticed this phenomenon a lot in France, too, where people expect women to be wearing pencil skirts and sky-high heels all the time. Women are chic and stylish and unique, and THAT’S what’s so sexy about it. Plus, I think most European women follow the rule of showing a little bit of skin in one place instead of lots of skin all over, which just looks so much classier.

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